2000 Irish Man & Rose

The Irish Man of the Year for 2000 was Dave (Fluf) Barrington and Irish Rose was his wife Bonnie. Sadly Fluf passed away after a short but brave battle with cancer on April 4, 2000.

Fluf had been an active member of the Shamrock Club of New Dublin since it’s very beginnings when we were the “St. Patrick’s Day Committee”. He had helped out in the past with all aspects of our festivities including the Parade, Irishfest, Ticket and Button Sales, Poster Ads and had been an official “mourner and pall bearer” in Finnegan’s Wake. He had previously served the Shamrock Club as a Trustee and his last service to us was as Parliamentarian, keeping our meetings running smoothly and updating our Constitution and By-laws as needed.

His wife Bonnie has always supported him in his efforts and has been in charge of the “Barrington Float” for the Parade in the past. Bonnie also makes a mean Irish soda bread which has been a favorite with family members for years.

Fluf and Bonnie have 4 daughters: Heather (Will) Pickett, Erin, Colleen and Shannon. As you can see by their names they are truly an Irish Family!

Fluf came from a traditional Irish Catholic family and is the 5th of nine children. His mother Margaret (Collier) Barrington was our first Irish Rose and his sister Judy McDaniels was Irish Rose in 1998. Also his uncle Clifford (Tip) Collier was a past Irish Man of the Year.

The Shamrock Club of New Dublin was very proud to have Fluf and Bonnie as our Irish Man and Irish Rose for the 2000 St. Patrick’s Festivities. We thank everyone who came to New Dublin to help us celebrate the first St. Patrick’s Day of the Millennium.