Finnegan's Wake of New Dublin

Finnegan’s Wake in the annual New Dublin St. Patrick’s Day parade.

History of Finnegan’s Wake of New Dublin

The Finnegan’s Wake tradition actually has its roots in what began years ago as a lark. While the local police were occupied at the high school watching over school traffic and other juveniles, Mike Coyle, Judy McDaniel, Fluff Barrington, Dave Mulroy, and others decided to take a department store dummy in an old wicker coffin and carry him from Coyle’s Tire to the Midtown Restaurant performing an Irish Wake. In fact, it became the first “Finnegan’s Wake” in New London, in their own impromptu St. Patrick’s Day parade. When it was found out, they were told if they wanted to do this the next year they needed a permit. No one imagined then that this humble beginning in 1983 would grow into the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade with an Irish Fest in the state of Wisconsin.

Video of the Earlier Years

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