2022 Leprechaun Itinerary

Monday, March 14th

Connor Loughrin (920)538-0326

7:30   Meet at Pup’s- Northport

8:00   Breakfast at Pup’s

9:00   Change sign on Hwy 54 East and North side New London

9:15   Channel 5- Live shot at sign by Thern Farm off of Hwy 54

9:45   Live Shot at Pups Irish Pub

10:15   Robins Nest Daycare- 112 W. Wolf River Ave- 920-982-1575 *Can run around outside*

10:45   New London Daycare Center- 1825 Division St. (920) 982-6544 *Mask Required*

11:00   Change southside New London signs *if time allows after daycare*

11:30   Trinity Terrace-St. Joe’s- 2835 Division St. (920)982-5351 *Mask Required*

1:00   Washington Center New London

1:30   Various New Dublin Businesses and other signs as needed


*Any media coverage of the sign changing for the day can be set up by calling the above number. This schedule is flexible.*